Dr Poonsak

Dr Poonsak is best when it comes to building a solid doctor-patient relationship. He never get’s tired spending time explaining the surgery details to his clients and is always committed to providing client satisfaction.

He guides his patients every step of the way from initial consultation, actual surgery procedure(s), till follow-up care and he strives to treat every patient attentively.

Dr Poonsak
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Full NameDr Poonsak Sumritmanoporn
Languages SpokenThai, English

1. Face Procedures (Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Face and Neck lift surgery)
2. Body Contouring (Arm lifting, Abdominoplasty, Thigh lifting, VASER liposuction)
3. Reconstructive surgery (Congenital defects, Major soft tissue injuries and defects, Burn injuries and Facial maxillary trauma)

Dr Poonsak

Dr Poonsak

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Dr Poonsak
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Dr Poonsak
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Dr Poonsak

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Dr Poonsak
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Dr Poonsak

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