Dr Thana

Dr Thana is committed in establishing a solid doctor-patient relationship. He strives to provide an open, honest experience with his patients.

He listens very carefully to his client’s needs and ensures to provide the right recommendation. He is hands on and make sure that he attends to every step of the client’s medical treatment from the initial consult, surgery and follow ups. Dr Thana is well known for his special skills with facial surgery, breast reconstruction, head and neck reconstruction, eyelid surgery, microsurgery, 3D imaging and bioprinting. Dr Thana feels that the most rewarding part of his work is to restore and improve patient’s self-confidence through cosmetic surgery. He is a member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Dr Chakarin

Dr Chakarin is a highly skilled plastic reconstructive surgeon who has more than 10 years of experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery field.

He was selected to be trained at a prestigious plastic surgery program in South Korea prior to working as a Plastic Reconstructive Consultant in TRIA Korea Plastic Surgery Center. Dr Chakarin is keen and dedicated to optimizing results for every patient he treats. He dedicated his performance to the highest standard of excellence in plastic surgery. He is committed to establish a solid doctor-patient relationship all throughout the service process and make sure to treat every patient attentively. He never gets tired of spending time explaining the surgery in detail because he believes that a well-informed patient is necessary for the best results.

Mary Jane

I heard about Plastic Surgery Thailand in social media. Kat, my Coordinator is very helpful and very patient answering all my questions. Dr. V I miss you a lot!!!!! 3 years ago I have been searching which surgeon I would choose and he was the 1st one in my mind since then, surgery is kinda scary really!!! but I don’t know why I didn’t feel my nerves at all! I feel so confident and calm even I haven’t met him yet, perhaps from all those positive reviews I have seen on the internet! The day I met him it was a relief and I felt so happy deep inside me all the worries gone! He explained everything about the breast augmentation and gave me perfect advice what size and what kind of implant I should choose! at the operating room I get so scared and feels so cold as I can’t see dr.v so I asked the nurses where he is, then he was there coming from the back door and I feel calm again, he’s beautiful face is the last thing I have seen then I don’t remember anything, he did a great job! I didn’t expect my scar end up so plain and smooth as I have keloid history from my family, the pain is manageable (I didn’t expect that too!) some women moaning about the pain and I’m so pussy about pain and in fact! after 4 days of surgery, I’m out and about! 4/10 uncomfortable but pain is ok, I’m back in England now and I can’t stop thinking the lovely nurses and dr. v … I hope after 10 years you’re still there to revise my breast xoxo. The hospital is very clean, modern and beautiful hospital with garden and city view on roof top! I am impressed with the nurses and doctors are friendly and made me less nervous and feels welcome I MISS THEM SOOOO MUCH!!!!! The disappointing part is when I have to say goodbye to those lovely people 🙁


Dr. Thanakom was very thorough and provided great service. Listened very well and explained everything regarding sizing and risks. Looks great, and given the challenging dimensions of my breast, the doctor appears to have done a great job. Of course after 3-6 months the results will be more apparent. The quality of the medical staff was top notch and the level of service was exemplary. I would recommend PLastic Surgery Thailand to my family and friends.

Dr Vajarakorn

Dr Vajarakorn has been in the industry for more than 20 years. He was recognized by both local and international clients for his ability to communicate effectively and for being professional with his work.

Besides from being a full-time plastic surgeon, he is a member of The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand, The Association of Military Surgeons of Thailand as well as other plastic and reconstructive communities.

Dr Teerasut

Being in the industry for more than 13 years, Dr Teerasut has become proficient in the world of plastic surgery. His gifted hands have produced numerous great surgery outcomes.

Besides from being a plastic surgeon, he is also a part-time instructor in Plastic Surgical residency training at Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University.

Dr Ratthasak

Dr Ratthasak is one of the Senior Surgeons at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. He is a highly trained and experienced Plastic Surgery specialist with more than 16 years of experience.

He is an outstanding surgeon for producing countless world-class plastic surgery outcomes. He is appreciated by his fellow doctors and his local and international clients for continuously conversant with the latest surgical methods and techniques.