Your Ultimate 7-Day Medical Holiday Trip in Bangkok, Thailand!

March 2, 2019

So, you finally decided to go for a surgery? Yes! Now you have booked for a seven-day medical holiday trip in Bangkok, Thailand. But you may be asking this question: What will I do after the surgery?

Getting anxious is NORMAL especially if you still don’t know what to do, where to go and if you can really go out after the surgery. No worries! We have got a solution and recommendation for you.

Consent to go out

Hiding in the room and staying in the bed all day will be too boring and frustrating especially if you are physically active. You may feel that you’ll be confined and restricted since swelling, bruising and pain are still to be expected especially on the first week post-operative. You might be asking if it’s really possible to go out and move around after the surgery. Well, before going out, you must ask first your surgeon whether you are allowed to go out and if you will be able to move around after your operation.

Going out will really depend on what type of surgery you had, recovery and your surgeon’s advice. However, the surgeons will never restrict clients from going out. They encourage their clients to start walking right after the surgery as this improves swelling and for the blood to circulate. A way of healing is to spend time with nature. Although too much sun exposure should be avoided, sunscreen is recommended, and hydration should be maintained.

We know that recovery comes first since you came to Thailand to have the surgery, but it will not be a serious thing if you try to see what’s going on outside and just enjoy Thailand. Now, are you going to rest the whole week, or would you dare to do some sight-seeing in between?

Where to go in Thailand?

Thailand offers so many things that your 7-day trip wouldn’t be enough – from their appetizing local foods, must to see tourist places and the Buddhist culture to experience. We can guarantee that it would be definitely a once in a lifetime experience that you will be reminiscing forever.

Now, if you only have seven days to explore Thailand there’s still plenty of time to experience the essentials. These includes Buddhist culture, spicy food, chic shopping and plenty of natural wonders. Here are some of the things you can do while recovering after your surgery in Thailand: 

Experience the fine dining, romantic dinner at Le Bua

Fine dining and romantic dinner at Le Bua

If you have watched Hangover II starring Bradley Cooper, you might be familiar with this iconic tower. This is perfect if you are a fan of having a dinner over a city lights. Aside from the lavish suites, fine dining and iconic rooftop bars, Le bua has the best view of the meandering Chao Phraya River and rolling cityscape that Bangkok has to offer.

Visit the Old City

Visit the Old City or the Rattanakosin

If you are interested in exploring the distinctive culture and history of Thailand, you have to visit the Old City or the Rattanakosin. It is where the city’s most spectacular and revered historical attractions is located. It houses the majestic and grand Rattanakosin’s temples, palaces and pavilions where you can pose and take a photo of.

Landmarks to visit include the regal majesty of the Grand Palace, the breath-taking beauty of Wat Phra Kaew, and the traditional learning centres like Wat Pho and Wat Mahathat. Sanam Luang, a historic park next to the Grand Palace which is used traditionally for important Royal or Buddhist ceremonies, and the National Gallery can also be found within the Old City. .

Get out and Explore the TukTuks

A handy way to zip through traffic

If you want to experience a traditional way of moving around Bangkok, you should try the Tuk-tuks. Tuk-tuks is considered as the most recognisable and popular mode of transportation in Bangkok among tourists and visitors. Plus, it has been proven to be a handy way to zip through traffic and across town and their open nature provides you an ample chances to take photos of Bangkok as go around it.

Spend 2-way drive to Pattaya beach

Just a two-hour ride from Bangkok

If you think the hustling and bustling city are not for you, then you might want to consider hitting the beach. Pattaya, a famous resort city in Thailand is just a two-hour ride from Bangkok. Pattaya beaches offers ranging attractions which you can choose – experience a wild, exciting and colourful nightlife or take a peek on its untouched nature, virgin islands, and serene forests.

Shop till you drop at Pratunam Market

Famous for selling clothes, shoes and fashion accessories at very low prices

If shopping is your thing, Pratanum Market is a must-see for you. Pratunam Market, located at the intersection of Ratchaprop and Petchburi roads, is famous for selling clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories at very low prices. You can find everything you could think of here, perfect place to find souvenirs and take-home for your family back in your country.

There’s a saying that healing comes from happiness. For you to recover fast, you shouldn’t be the focusing on physical factors like taking care of your wounds but you should also consider being positive and happy. In fact, several studies have supported claims that happiness really can influence health and there evidences that happiness can speed up wound healing.

And science says travel makes you happier. A joint study from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, and U.S. Travel Association suggests that traveling actually keeps you happier and healthier.

Need we say more? Travel with us now.



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