Payment on the Day of Surgery VS Payment in Advance

April 19, 2018

Payment on the day of surgery


  • Cash or Credit Cards are welcomed. Clients have option to pay either cash in THB or in their home currency OR credit card like VISA, Master Card, JCB and UPI cards.
  • No additional charge for credit card payment.


  • You cannot pay by card using the details only. The hospital requires the physical card and the owner of the card must be present at the time of transaction.
  • Some banks, if not informed, will purposely block their clients from making a payment especially if the amount is over their limit. *Kindly inform your bank beforehand that you will be making a large transaction in Thailand.

Payment in advance


  • No hassle in bringing large amount of cash to Thailand
  • Safe and Secured
  • You might get a good exchange rate if payment was made in advance


  • Overseas bank deposits should be made at least two weeks prior to the appointment date.
  • Additional bank charges, fees or differences in exchange rates may apply

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